Sunday, March 4, 2012

Open Letter for the Release of all 1990s Audio and Video Footage of the Grateful Dead

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It's been nearly 17 years since Jerry Garcia died on August 9th, 1995.

In that time many others have passed away. Many of us who remain live with a void in our life.

The Grateful Dead were one of the biggest touring bands in the world, and their performances were well documented.  There has been a trickle of commercial releases which are wonderful to behold.

But for fans of the late era of The Grateful Dead (specifically 1990 -1995), there is a dearth of commercial releases.

In light of the many years that have passed and the ephemereal nature of life, we ask that the Grateful Dead release the entire archive of audio and video so that the greater community can have access to as much of the legacy as possible.

Even if the archive is sold at a premium cost, we are willing to support this endeavor financially.  It is not a "freebie" we are expecting, it is merely access to the recordings that represent such a special period in our lives.

Mike of Mike's Grateful Dead Blog
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Anonymous said...

Having seen the Dead many times throughout the years, the 90s were just not "the best"...
I did have a great time attending shows in the 90s, but....

GDmike said...

You are definitely in the majority with this view... the 90's as a whole might not have been the best, but my favorite performances are in the 1990s.