Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Greatest Bummer to Hear on a Tape

Note: this is a very opinionated blog.  You may know that I prefer 90's Grateful Dead (90-95), and that's mainly what I listen to, so already I'm in the minority, so take this with a grain of salt.

If I am going to choose the greatest bummer... it is a toss up.

Is it hearing any of these songs kill the momentum of a first set: Easy Answers? Eternity?
Is it hearing any of these songs destroy the vibe of a second set: Samba in the Rain? Way to go Home?
Is it hearing Jerry forget the words of Standing on the Moon or Terrapin*? (*possibly can be redeemed by huge crowd cheer of appreciation for Jerry to show their unconditional love)

Not quite...

In my opinion, the greatest bummer is when you are listening to space, hearing it start to build into the next jam ... and then hearing the distinctive opening guitar riff of I Need a Miracle.  YUCK.

This is a slot that the following songs often appear in:

  • China Doll
  • The Wheel
  • Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
  • The Last Time (in my opinion, hugely underrated)

to get an "I Need a Miracle" right there is just a total bummer in my opinion.

However, at shows this song was pretty great, with a lot of crowd enthusiasm and participation (kind of like how other songs like Loose Lucy and Music Never stopped were extra good live for the crowd "sing along" factor).

Close 2nd Place:
A close second is hearing a "Picasso Moon" set opener (either set).  Not so bad as 1st set closer, but to put it in a spot where Shakedown, Help, Sunshine, etc could be played is just cruel. Unlike "I Need a Miracle", this song had no redeeming "live show experience" value.



Sundar said...

God, Picasso Moon is a bummer all around, regardless of first set or second set. Miracle is bad as well, ...but what I really dislike (forgive me) is Good Lovin'. Yuk.

GDmike said...

Good Lovin', I'm surprised a little, but yeah - I can see getting burned on that tune. It is just rare enough to me that I don't come across it that much and usually enjoy it.