Monday, April 9, 2012

Grateful Dead Video Game - The Epic Tour

Wow, I must be late to the party on this one but I think it bears repeating.

There's going to be a Grateful Dead video game? Amazing. I've hard rumors about this and then it would seem to be a hoax. It was just mind boggling how a Grateful Dead video game would work until this teaser video gave the game some shape. It seems to be kind of a "SIMS" oriented virtual reality game but of course there's going to be music featured so that's good.

I am actually excited about this now that I've seen the preview. That's Bill Walton narrating of course:

Also getting me excited and curious for the game is the website.

The website is really well done with a good ambient soundtrack blended from Space snippets and jam sections (been listening for 15 minutes and I don't think it's started over yet).  The site has some great interactive features.  If this site is a harbinger of the quality of the game then there's reason to get excited for sure.

Check it out here:

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