Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Will Take You Home - Grateful Dead Song Review

This song makes me think of cassette tapes that looked about like this:

I Will Take You Home is a beautiful "music box" type melody accompanied by Brent Mydland's impassioned lyrics to his daughter. This is very moving to think about, and makes what happened to him in 1990 all the more painful.

This is the final studio song on the final studio album Built to Last.  This song really strikes a chord.  Jerry would often accompany the song with a French Horn sound.  I would have loved to have been at one of the shows where they played this.

If there is possibly one gripe about I Will Take You Home is that it's usual position in the set (coming out of Space) is also the spot where some pretty incredible other Grateful Dead tunes would make their way into the show (China Doll, The Wheel, and Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad come to mind).

I Will Take You Home Rating on a Scale of 1-10: 8.4

Disclaimer: This is part of my blog that reviews all things Grateful Dead for fun. Music is a beautiful thing because it is so personal and subjective, so keep in mind that this is one man's opinion(read my blog manifesto to understand my Grateful Dead background a little more).

Thanks Taste4Phree for posting this on youtube.

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