Sunday, April 26, 2009

Table of Contents - Book Reviews

Book reviews will be completed periodically in this order:

Deadbase X by J. Scott, S. Nixon, and M. Dolgushkin
Garcia: An American Life by Blair Jackson
Tiger in a Trance by Max Luddington
Growing up Dead - The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead by Peter Conners
Sunshine Daydream - One Girl's Tale of Life on the Bus by Talia Rose
Relix: The Book compiled by Toni Brown
The Deadhead's Taping Compendium by M. Getz and J. Dwork
Grateful Dead: The Illustrated Trip: R. Hunter, S. Peters C. Wills, and D. McNally
Grateful Dead Gear by Blair Jackson
Living with the Dead by R. Scully and D. Dalton
A Long Strange Trip by D. McNally
Searching for the Sound by Phil Lesh
....more to come


Sundar said...

Hey Mike - Don't forget to add Phil Lesh's book to the list. It's called 'Searching for the Sound'.


MH said...

Just added, I've seen it but I can't believe I haven't picked it up yet... will do soon though.

Anonymous said...

Reading A Long Strange Trip right now, enjoying it so far.

I recommend Peter Conners's Growing Up Dead: The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead

GDmike said...

El, thanks. Dennis McNally's book is great. I will write about it on this blog. I am thankful for the recommendation, I have now read and reviewed the other book by Peter Conners - great suggestion by the way - LOVED IT.

Although I did see your comment at the time, sorry for the late reply - because I was 'locked out' of the blog for close to 3 years for some gmail/google issues (due to user error!)

Glenn Segal said...

Hi Mike My name is Glenn Segal. Been a Dead Head since 74. About eight years ago I started writing a novel from a short story I wrote as a teenager.
The original plot involved Jesus appearing in the streets of center city Philly. He is pissed that his flock wandered so far from the path he plowed.
From that story I penned a novel series titled 'Devine Intervention' Chronicles a Messenger from God as he recruits disciples and launches a new religion that sweeps the planet like a mutated virus.
Here's the part you might find of interest.
Assisting him in this endeavor are notable icons such as Jesus, Mohammed and Jerry Garcia. Now Jerry plays a pivotal role in the plot of my series. I have received permission to use all things Grateful Dead and Jerry from the Dead's Publicist Alan Trist.
I also have permission from Wendy Weir to use excerpts on her book.
'In The Spirit' Conversations With The Spirit Jerry Garcia. Once I read that non-fiction account of Bob Weir's sister's communication with Jerry once he left the Earth Plane.
Anyway my novel is scifi/adv/mystery in which the Grateful Dead Heads help bring this planet to higher consciousnesses, by matching the vibrations of the creator.
Check it out at thru google use my name also for search. Let me know if you can include this series on your posts. Thanks GS