Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's All Over Now - Grateful Dead Song Review

This is a cool Rolling Stones rocker that may be alternatively known as "I Used to Love Her." I like this song.  I like that the Dead would choose a "lesser known" Rolling Stones song and no doubt it got a good crowd reaction when it was played.  I think many casual Deadheads aren't familiar with this song, possibly because it wasn't played too often. It had a nice long run however, appearing in 1976 and played all the way up until 1995.

The video below is from Alpine Valley in 1989 (thanks Kulpo42 for the upload). As always, I'm amazed and going to point out how great it is to hear Jerry play the main rhythmic figure throughout the song. The solos are great (Brent and especially Jerry) and the background vocals add a lot to the song  (also by Brent and Jerry).

It's hard not to be reminded of The Last Time because that's also a Rolling Stones song, also somewhat "lesser known," and features a somewhat similar repetitive guitar figure that Jerry seemed to really get into.  The Last Time is more of a 2nd set post "space" tune and All Over Now was more of a first set rocker.

All Over Now is a great tune that is consistently delivered (perhaps owing to its simplicity its long 19 year run in the repertoire).

All Over Now Song Rating on a Scale of 1-10: 8.5

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