Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unbelievable Morning Dew from Chapel Hill, North Carolina 3-25-1993

Is this my favorite Morning Dew? Why not ? I think it's the best I've ever seen on Youtube at least.

I am still partial to the one I saw on 6-26-1994 in Las Vegas and I know I heard an even more epic one from MSG I've heard in late 1993 I think. It feels weird to pick a favorite, I enjoy them all.

Some would say blasphemy to pick a favorite Morning Dew from this late period.  I have listened to every year, even the coveted 1970s, and the band simply didn't use to play with such collective dynamics as they do in the second half of  this video.

During the beginning of Jerry's 5 minute epic guitar solo to end this show, you can hear a pin drop in between notes - everyone in the band is so tastefully laid back, whereas in the 1970s the drummers would be hammering a steady beat during this part.  Little things like that are what make me appreciate this era.

Also, gotta hand it to Vince Welnick on the keys here, really beautiful playing, it reminds me of Keith in 1972.

Thanks to LoloYodel for the post on youtube.

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