Thursday, May 2, 2013

A couple of cool Grateful Dead Pictures

I'm so sorry this photo is so tiny.  This is really ridiculous for me to share it but something about it really  appeals to me.  It's a side of the Grateful Dead you don't really see  - the backstage.  I think that's Kidd Candelario in the foreground. I'm friends with him on Facebook and this is  a picture someone tagged him in.

This one is Jerry prowling at night.  He lived hard, you can just tell.  That's a special Fender briefcase that is the color and material of a Fender guitar case.  Look how dirty it is... I'm guessing this is 1980 or so.


Brian said...

That pic of Jerry looks more like 83-84 Jerry. A rough period for him.

GDmike said...

you're probably right

Ryan Dupree said...

that's probably Jan 85 right before he got busted. He looked like that at the end of 84 and there is a famous photo shoot for Frets magazine where he looks like that and is wearing the flannel shirt he has balled up in his hand. Lots of persian sooted finger prints on that stash case :D