Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grateful Dead - Baba O'Riley into Tomorrow Never Knows Video

Haven't written many blogs lately, been doing a lot of travel and moving.  I was watching this video today and wanted to share.  You can read my thoughts on Baba O'Riley here.

I remember hearing this sequence on tapes back during my (short lived) GD tour life and I always thought it was really majestic.  I think Vince Welnick does great on this medley and I think that it's a really cool choice for The Grateful Dead to integrate into the set at that period.


John O'Leary said...

Nice rendition. Would never have expected they could pull this off, including the vocal. Would have loved to see more of Jerry, especially during his lead.

Alex Mathews said...

I hate to be a Picky Deadhead or a cynic, but after the novelty of Baba O' Riley and TNK wears off, you're kind of left with the beginning of the end. To me it marks that more than anything. Maybe if the show went on for ten more years it would look and feel different. But alas, it was reflective of the whole end of days dynamic, where the post-space show was tense and quick and the boys wanted to go home and Jerry wanted to be left alone. Sad.

Leon Shelhamer said...

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Anna Johnson said...

I was at that show in Vegas, I remember Morning Dew was really good. I also remember a drab Eyes on which Jerry barely played during the breaks which didn't seem to be cut short even though little was happening...a mixed bag in the 90s, wasn't it. Anyway, I haven't listened to studio Dead in years, and I put American Beauty on youtube tonight. I cannot tell at all who is singing bass and tenor. Do you know the rundown? It almost sounds like it could be all overdubbed by Phil, but I don't think that's right....

Ron Bain said...

I was there. I had a psychic, life-changing experience while I was there. Jerry and Bob started playing "Feels Like Rain," and suddenly I felt my ex-wife – who I hadn't seen in 18 months – dancing by my side. I couldn't see her, but I could feel her, smell her, taste her, I knew she was there. I went to to the condo that night and wrote a poem called "Harmonic Convergence in Telluride" which told her there was nothing and everything to forgive. About 18 months later, the guy she left me for showed up at my workplace and told me they were there. We got back together for a few days in 2005, but it'll never be the same again. Too many things have changed.